Trish Robson BSc (Hons), ESMP provides professional massage therapy for your horse in Northern England.

Equine sports massage can help eliminate muscle pain, stiffness and tension in the muscles and connective tissues. It can also help to relax your horse physically and mentally and help them to excel in any discipline.

Bucking, rearing, napping, reluctance to go forwards, abnormal your horse really being naughty or is he just trying to tell you something in the only way he knows how?

Muscle stress can be caused in many ways from playing in the field, a slip going into a jump and many more. If left untreated compensatory locomotion will begin causing stress to other muscles as they work harder to support the initial injured area.

Equine Massage Therapy performed by Trish Robson of Robson Equine Therapy can help your horse or pony.

Trish is based in Northumberland, and aims to provide the very best sports & remedial massage therapy for your horse.

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Trish with her retired racehorse Master Murphy.


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