Joanna Walton - Equine Sports Massage Treatments

Trish has been treating Millie for 3 years now and three weeks ago I had problems asking for a contact and maintaining it.... when I allowed a big stretch down, it involved too much head shaking. When Trish arrived she found Millie very sore down one side and noticed she just wasn't blooming! We had a competition 4 days later and I was over the moon with her dressage test, soft and supple, a follow up yesterday and the difference in her appearance and response to Trish was fantastic.... we head off to the Festival of the Horse in May and we are having a pre competition check from Trish beforehand!! Trish is professional and thorough and an important part of keeping my little horse happy and healthy! Highly recommend...

Jane Daglish - Equine Sport Massage Treatment

Bond, my 26 year old horse, home bred horse, had an excellent massage treatment today from Robson Equine Therapy. I am delighted with the work Trish did and which exercises I can do to help make Bond more supple. I was delighted with Trish's kind comment about him too and would highly recommend her to everyone.

Sarah Proudlock – Kirkheaton – Equine Massage Treatment

I contacted Trish regarding my sports horse ‘Jim’ who seemed to have restricted movement in his hind quarters and was tense around the base of where his saddle sat.

Trish came out and gave Jim an initial assessment in which she assessed Jim’s movement by watching how he walked out and also turning on small circles to see if he was able to cross over with his back legs.  Jim struggled with this and was very reluctant to turn. Trish also touched his back and found he tensed up immediately.

Trish began massaging Jim from the neck through to his rear end and worked particularly around his back area to try to release the tension in his back which was being caused by spasms. Trish also did a number of stretches with his front and hind legs to loosen up the muscle stiffness.  Following treatment and my time commitments, Jim was rested for 1 week which enabled him to stretch out natural and relax the muscles.

Trish came back out 3 weeks later to see Jim and again worked on his back area and hindquarters.  His back area had improved greatly and his muscles were much more relaxed. His movement was more relaxed and he was able to cross over his back legs with ease and also stretch out much further than on the previous visit.

On both visits, Trish explained to me throughout the assessments what she was doing and also gave me some advice on how I could help Jim to strengthen his hindquarters with various stretches, pole work and exercises I could incorporate into our riding.

I was extremely pleased with Trish, her knowledge, horsemanship skills and the advice she gave me and would highly recommend her.

 Mary Ann Reay – High Mickley – Equine Massage Treatment

Thank you for giving Eldmire Teddy his second session. He seems to appreciate it especially after a weekend of competition. As a teenager he really benefits from some special care and your skills really make him feel well.

Helen Self – Elsdon – Massage For Owners Clinic

Just wanted to comment on the excellent 'massage for horse owners' clinic that Trish from Robson Equine Therapy ran at Redesdale Equestrian. Anyone who owns or works with horses - amateur or professional - should attend this course and use massage as part of their regular horse-care routine. Trish's practical techniques are a great way to get to know your horse better and find areas of tension or soreness before they become an issue. I really enjoyed the day, have learnt a lot and can't recommend it enough.

Jackie Eagle – East Woodburn – Massage For Owners Clinic

Had a great day at Horse Massage Clinic delivered by Trish and hosted by Helen. Brain hurting and body will probably join in tomorrow. I can't recommend this clinic enough, anyone who owns a horse should do this!