All massage sessions will last between 1 - 2 hours and cost £40 per session.

Remedial Sports Massage- £40

Aims to soothe sore muscles and to disperse tension and any adhesion. This is the massage of choice if you feel your horse is showing signs of muscular tension and stiffness, or other problems that could be associated with the musculoskeletal system. There will be an initial consultation which includes:

  • Discussing horses history and current problems
  • Gait analysis in walk and trot, circling and backing up.
  • Conformation check
  • Full palpation

A full equine massage will be performed tailored to your horses requirements. A combination of techniques will be used that suit your horse. 

Maintenance Sports Massage - £40

Regular maintenance sports massage promotes a healthy musculo-skeletal system and aids detection of the early signs of tension or discomfort which, if left unresolved, could cause altered gait patterns, muscle atrophy, pain or longer term damage. A regular maintenance sports massage program can also help improve the temperament of your horse. Maintenance sports massage is particular useful as a guide to what is normal for that particular horse and is recommended prior to booking pre or post competition massage.

Pre-competition- £40

Aims to prepare the muscles for heavy work / competition / racing. The techniques used increase blood flow to nourish and energise the muscles and get them primed ready to perform at their best.

Post-competition- £40

Aims to gently remove lactic acid and toxins from the muscles to reduce stiffness after heavy work / competition / racing. Great for helping to keep your equine athlete fit and healthy for their next competition.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

This natural healing device has a wide range of uses. It can be incorporated into a massage session to provide natural non-invasive pain relief. Useful when working on recent injuries. It can also be used to improve blood flow and enhance natural healing, useful when working on older injuries. The pads that emit the PEMF can be used on the neck, shoulders, back and hind quarters.

Travel Fees

Travel is measured in distance bands from Kirkwelpington. Travel costs are added to the cost of the massage treatment, however if visiting multiple horses on the same yard the travel fee to the yard will be split between the number of horses treated. Travel fees are listed in the table below.

MILES                                                                            FEE

Under 15 miles                                                             Free Of Charge

15 - 30 miles                                                                  £5

30 - 50 miles                                                                 £10

50 - 60 miles                                                                 £20

60 - 80 miles                                                                £30

Veterinary Consent

Massage is not a replacement for veterinary treatment, and is only carried out with permission from your vet. Please contact your vet and seek permission for Trish to perform equine sports massage on your horse prior to your appointment. If your vet requires a consent form to sign, please contact Trish and one will be emailed to your vet.

Equine Sports Massage can be used along side conventional and other complimentary treatments to achieve the best results for your horses health and well-being.