About HOTA 

Horse Owner Training Academy

Equine Massage Academy (EMA) was the original pioneer of equine massage for horse owners training courses, since then we have expanded our professional training through EMA,   to a platform (HOTA) designed purely for horse owners to bridge the gap between horse owners and Therapists, Vets, Scientists, etc by creating an informed knowledge base underpinned by science, experience and industry expertise to further enhance the health and wellbeing of all horses.  

Nowadays there are many conflicting messages and information circulating on social media, magazines, etc that can be overwhelming for both new and experienced horse owners, and attempting to understand this fast-paced, rapidly changing and confusing environment driven by clever marketing campaigns isn’t easy – there seems to be a high price tag with everything ‘equestrian’. 

We have taken the myth out of many subjects and give you evidence-based advice instead of being tempted into buying equipment, gadgets, training aids and so on that are not necessary and some can actually be detrimental – we have seen this often in our professional work especially with equipment that has no scientific backing or research behind it being used to ‘rehabilitate’ horses.

What do you get with our courses?

Our courses are multimedia, delivered through professional presentation, industry expert instructor, many courses have a hands-on element and all are accompanied by a comprehensive training manual and certificate of attendance.

You will not be disappointed in  the learning content.

Courses Offered